Camping Trip in Big Sur … Sort of

If you ever go camping in Big Sur, my one piece of advice is to bring BUG SPRAY!

It was the weekend before my boyfriend, Casey graduated from Cal Poly and the start of a very busy month for both of us. I knew I would be busy with up coming weddings and fires starting, and Casey being a firefighter meant he would be away fighting the fires. So I decided to plan a fun weekend so we could spend some time together. When we first started dating, we did a day trip to Big Sur and had a great time. This time I thought we could camp. So we packed the car full for the weekend, tent, food, water, flashlights, camera, tripod and blankets (unlike the time we went camping in Yosemite in October and forgot the blankets.. yes it was freezing!).

As we were driving past Hearst Castle on the way, the zebras were close to the fence. SO of course we had to stop and I quickly grabbed by camera and ran to the fence. As I made strange noises to call them closer, they starred at me like a crazy person. Zebras are my absolute favorite; one of the things on my bucket list is to pet one.

Another place we stopped was at ragged point. We took a few pictures and bought a few things then were on our way to the camping spot. It took us about an hour driving up this winding road then off roading to find the perfect camping spot that overlooked the mountain we drove up. We quickly set up our tent as flies were literally attacking us; I have never seen SO many flies. Once we got in our tent and killed all the flies that got inside, I took a little nap. Once I woke up, we were debating if we should stay with all the bugs. I kept saying, “Its fine, once the sun dies down there will be less flies”. I was wrong. As it cooled down, there were just as many flies and then mosquitoes started coming out. I caved, and we decided to pack up and leave. Before we headed back on highway one, we watched the sunset on above the fog.

So lesson learned, when camping don’t ever forget the bug spray. 



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